Power Generation Technology

Suitable technology for local needs

DGE has focused its recent attention upon the growing potential in successfully securing renewable and thermal generation projects within Europe and Middle East with further outlook and growth in demand in Africa to be satisfied by renewables. In each case DGE follows its guiding principles to deliver to the host country sustainable solutions which are tailored to the market and deliver least cost power and water to the local society. We have expanded our solar PV projects from a European base in France & Spain to one of the largest individual Solar projects in the Middle East in Jordan using thin film PV technology.   Our successful foray into offshore wind technology, with its increased load factors and individual size of WTG greater than 8MW plus, represents a significant contribution to offsetting carbon emissions from thermal generation.  In markets were thermal generation is preferred for security of supply DGE deploys natural gas fired plants for highest possible efficiency and reduced emissions.  DGE aims to spread our generation technology across a balanced portfolio of solar, wind and natural gas fired thermal throughout the EMENA region.